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Burglary Claims and You

Experiencing a burglary can be distressing and overwhelming.

Consider following these steps immediately after discovering your home has been burglarized.

Immediate Actions Following a Burglary

  1. Ensure Your Safety: Leave the House: If you believe the burglar might still be inside, leave the house immediately and go to a safe location. Call 911: Report the burglary to the police as soon as possible. Provide them with all necessary details and follow their instructions.
  2. Avoid Touching Anything: Preserve the crime scene. Avoid touching or moving anything to prevent contaminating potential evidence.

After Contacting the Police

  1. File a Police Report: When the police arrive, provide them with a detailed account of what happened and what you noticed missing. Make sure to get a copy of the police report for your records.
  2. Document the Damage and Loss: Take photos and videos of any damage or evidence of the break-in. Make a list of stolen or damaged items, including their approximate value and any identifying information (e.g., serial numbers).

Contact Your Insurance Company

  1. Notify Your Home Insurance Provider: Report the burglary to your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide them with the police report number and the list of stolen or damaged items.
  2. File an Insurance Claim: Follow your insurance company’s instructions to file a claim. They may require documentation for the stolen items, such as receipts or proof of ownership. If you have an issue with your claim, contact us immediately for help.

Secure Your Home

  1. Repair Damage: Arrange for any immediate repairs needed to secure your home, such as fixing broken windows or doors. Keep receipts for these repairs for your insurance claim.
  2. Enhance Security Measures: Consider upgrading your home’s security to prevent future incidents.
    Some options include installing or upgrading an alarm system, adding security cameras, reinforcing doors and windows with more robust locks, and installing motion-sensor lighting around the exterior of your home.

Emotional and Mental Well-being

  1. Seek Support. Experiencing a burglary can be traumatic. Talk to friends, family, or a counselor to process your feelings and receive support.
  2. Take Care of Yourself. Focus on your well-being and take time to recover from the experience. Feeling a range of emotions is normal, and seeking help is a positive step.

Legal and Financial Steps

  1. Review and Update your Home Inventory List. If you have one, update it with the details of the stolen items. If not, consider creating one for future reference.
  2. Notify Credit Bureaus if personal information, such as financial documents or identification, was stolen. Notify credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your accounts.
  3. Replace Stolen Items: Work with your insurance company to replace stolen items. Keep track of any replacements for future reference and insurance purposes.

Prevent Future Burglaries

  1.  Join or start a neighborhood watch program to increase community awareness and vigilance.
  2. Regularly assess and update your home security measures to address any vulnerabilities.

Following these steps, you can address the immediate aftermath of a burglary and take proactive measures to enhance your home’s security and well-being.

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